surf in imsouane

Imsouane is a small village 90 KM far from Essaouira it’s a fantastic base just perfect in the beautiful nature of Morocco . fishing ,take pictures, hiking ,swiming are some the activities you can do in Imsouane but surfing is the most famous and great thing you can do in this village .

Imsouane contain 2 spots for surf the first is Cathedrals which is  a point break, fast and steep and the second is the Reef which is a fast hollow left hander.  It picks up the most of the swell. and is best surfed just before or just after high tide.



to discover in imsouane

Imsouane is a small village between the ocean and the desert ,it’s very known by fishing activity especially in summer months (june,july,august and september) 

Enjoy your

why choosing imsouane

2 spots of surf in the same village ,one for beginners and the second for surfers with a little bit of experience . we recommend  you to visit this small village so many things you will discover