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Sidi Ifni is a great right hander located south at 160 km south of Agadir . it  has been a city where the spanish settled in Morocco for a while and left an Airport that is not active at the moment .

The surf spot in Sidi Ifni is in the main beach, and is a great right hander that peals on a boulder beach bottom. The wave of Sidi Ifni has some airs of Trestles (In Morocco), and is an A Frame that breaks out the back, with certainly better rights than lefts.


TO DO discover in ifni

Sidi Ifni, a quiet soothing town, that attract all sea lovers, who practice fishing ,surfing and similar activities .Sidi Ifni retains an atmospheric Iberian flair, and the faded art-deco buildings are a haunting reminder of colonial ambitions , the city is painted with blue and white and it worths the visit  

to discover sidi ifni

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Why choosing ifni

One of the best quilities of this spot is it’s different beachs that you can find all down the road such as Mirleft, Tifnitt … where you can also discover a new life style and traditional habits different from the ones in Agadir and nearby towns.