Atlantis surfShop Taghazout

Atlantis surf Shop is based in the middle of Taghazout village  ,it offers you more than 100 surfboards for rental (longboard, malibus, Gun, shortboards, Bodyboard, Wetsuit )

Rental Price:       Board   : 10€/day

                                  Wetsuit      : 8€/day


AlmoGar surfShop Taghazout

Alomogar Shop vous propose de différent types de planches(Longboard ,ShortBoard ,Fish ,Mini Malibu , Gun etc…..) et des combinaisons de différents tailles convenable selon votre choix.

Rental Price:       Board   : 12€/day

                                  Wetsuit      : 8€/day


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Bihi surfShop Imsouane

Bihi is local surfer passionate of the life rhythm life in Imsouane ,he owns a small shop in the center of the village ,which offer a bunch boards for beginners and intermediate level. 


Rental price:       Board  :  11€/day

                                Wetsuit       : 8€/Day


Univers-Glisse is rentalshop located close to  in Oukaimden ski station ,70 KM far from Marrakech ,it offers all Ski/Snowboard Equipment oyu need  (boots ,helmets ,Poles etc..)

Rental Price:       SnowBoard   : 20€/day

                                  Skis     : 17€/day