From the port to the ends already wild city of Essaouira, the beach stretches about 3 km in length, with fine sand a few meters inside becomes more dunes covered with small thorny bushes. Near the city beach is a paradise for sports: windsurfing, kite surfing, quad bikes, horses and camels, a business for every taste in fact.

The left area is reserved for the sport of surfing, using the force of the wind that constantly plagues the area. It is very interesting to see group of camels waiting to be ridden by tourists to ride through the dunes.



Essaouira is a magical place , It combines the best of Moroccan Medinas and of Mediterranean coastal villages ,there is a lot of things to see in the small city including Skala , the port ,the medina.

Enjoy your

why choosing essaouira

Many surf spots , constant wind ,Essaouira is a surf paradise for amateurs and professionnels. Take your board, car and discover all this worth visiting beachs such as Sidi Kaouki or Safi where you gonna certainly find big and strong waves that professionnals like , but also regular waves for beginners perfect for learning and practicing.