Surf in Morocco

Morocco is the first place you hit heading south from Europe, seperated from Europe by the Straights of Gibraltar .it’s  the land of the pointbreak, and the coastline around the Agadir area in the south  is riddled with spots. You won’t believe how is easy to find uncrowded waves in Morocco. there are empty waves around every corner and during the winter months they are all firing.There’s no way not to get waves.  


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You can download Board and Car application on play and app store to benefit of bunch of service which make your surf trip more easy and exciting  .We provide you with daily forecast information about the spots ,lists surf schools etc….

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spots de surf

Morocco abounds a lot of spots all over the country specially in the south in Taghzout ,Ifni ,around Essaouira ,Imsouane etc… whatever is your level in surfing you will find definitely waves for you.

Our start up

Board and Car is  start-up based in Agadir in south of Morocco  ,which   provides surfers with concrete solution to help local and tourists create their own surf trip easily.

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