Surf in Morocco


Morocco is the first place you hit heading south from Europe, seperated from Europe by the Straights of Gibraltar .it’s  the land of the pointbreak, and the coastline around the Agadir area in the south  is riddled with spots. You won’t believe how is easy to find uncrowded waves in Morocco. there are empty waves around every corner and during the winter months they are all firing.There’s no way not to get waves.  

how to enjoy surfing in moroccan spots ?

Morocco is one of the best countries that every surfer has to visit . so many surf spots in the whole country and specially in cities like Agadir  ,Ifni ,Essaouira ,SAfi ,Taghazout and others .to visit all this spots and discover other  beautifull places in Morocco you will need a Car and surf Equipment .BoardandCar will make this happen by offering you the greatest rental car and surf Equipments collection with best prices ever.

Our rental cars and surf equipment

We offer you different brands of cars (Dacia ,Toyota ,Renault ,Ford ….) , and also accessories to make your travel more comfortable.We have also a rental surf equipment , different kind of surfboards(gun ,longboard ,short board etc….)  and wetsuits


More with our Phone App

You can download Board and Car application on play and app store to benefit of bunch of service which make your surf trip more easy and exciting  .We provide you with daily forecast information about the spots ,lists surf schools etc….


We present you specific information about every surf  spot ,to give a global idea and guide to choose the best spot for  you.


To help you choose where and when to surf .We offer you a daily forecast for every spot ,which include the waves height ,the intesnity of the winds etc..


If you are wondering where to stay or you want to know the price of the lodging in each region . You can find on our Application the best rental rooms and houses with the whole information you  may need .


You are a beginner and you want to improve your surf skills ,we present you in every spot  list of surf school with all the information you need such the price and phone number to contact them.

to dicover

To make your surftrip more enjoyable and fun ,we present you a bunch activities and typical things  to discover in every region.


You can find also on our application a part dedicated to the road ,where we present descriptions of roads that lead to every surf area. we also explain some risks to avoid and interesting things to see.

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